About us

Lanzhou day set energy-saving equipment co., LTD. Is engaged in the study of power station auxiliary equipment、Design、Production of a high starting point,Company of new and high technology industries。According to theISO9001:2008International quality system operating companies。
The company personnel of technology of intermediate above title12People,Senior engineer5People。Industrial energy saving products currently has4The national patent technology with independent intellectual property rights,Mainly in the face of fire、Hydropower plant is engaged in the medium-speed coal mill pebble coal discharge collecting device (The patent number:ZL201020226798.9),Series of condenser rubber ball cleaning system(By the net(The patent number:ZL2004 20008381.X)、Put the ball room、Rubber ball pump、Ball valve and the electric control equipment),Series multi-function high temperature and high pressure valves(The patent number:ZL2004 20008380.5),Series of multi-function strong decontamination water filter(The patent number:ZL200420008382.4 )、Secondary filter、Laser drilling water filter;Filter oil machine;Cold oil machine such as a variety of research and development of high technology content products、Design、Manufacturing and sales。The company's web site:www.tjese.com

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