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Modern leisure class
Transparent type leisure boat
A houseboat cruises5m-10m
A houseboat cruises10m-20m
A houseboat cruises20mThe above
The sailboat
Floating dock ship\Semi-submersible vessel
The pontoon dock
Class of form a complete set of the scenic spot
  Our company was established in1998Years,In2008Move in Houston,The company is located in a national five township said the nantong jianghai shore,Land, sea and air traffic is convenient,Location advantage is obvious,Ning tong expressway、204National highway in the factory,The company covers an area of21000?,The construction area1.5Wan?,It happened1Wan?The production workshop,Can design and manufacture60mThe following all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic and steel luxury yachts、A houseboat、Modern leisure boat、High-speed boat at sea、Cruise boats and its supporting facilities, such as travel like in the park......
Smooth delivery of a batch of a cruise ship in jiangxi province
A group of a cruise ship in guizhou smooth delivery
In fuzhou smooth delivery of a batch of pontoon and matching approach
A batch of electric boat electric cleaning vessel delivery a scenic area in shaanxi province
Hebei some attractions environmental protection electric original delivery smoothly
Guizhou qianxinan"The three ships"And supporting steel float...
JT-ST1880Ecological double houseboat
JT-3500Luxury leisure boat
Steel pontoon dock in guizhou
Floating dock ship
The ancient sailing
JT-FG1800Archaize houseboat-01
Floating dock ship
JT-1980Transparent type sightseeing leisure boat-03
JT-1900Appear a type of original
JT-1980Transparent type sightseeing leisure boat-01
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