By the divisionISO9001-2008Certification:The company was established in1998Years,Specialized in manufacturing sanitary products knife roller。Has always been,In the cutting tool materials and processing technology of manufacturing,Continuous development and innovation。Now has independent property right of material processing technology。It happened4A cutting tool structure、2Patents of utility model the invention of the head assembly,And establish a carbide cutter laboratories。Focus on developing the application of superhard materials。In the field of sanitary products cutting tool has been in the domestic leading level,With foreign manufacturers are striving for。This company specialized in manufacturing various types sanitary napkin、Pads、Diapers、Adult diapers、Cosmetics、Pharmaceutical product die-cutting knife roller,3 above sets die cutting knife roller。Could be selected according to user requirements and all kinds of die steel、High speed steel、Import powder high speed steel、Cemented carbide,Independent research and development, such as specific material。The company plant area4000More than square,Office and the dormitory2500Square。On the hardware,The company has a high precision grinding machine6Taiwan、Within the circle special grinding machine2Taiwan、CNCMachining center8Taiwan、CNC high speed engraving machine6Taiwan、CNCCNC grinding machines1Taiwan、High precision surface grinding machine4Taiwan、Numerical control lathe3Taiwan、Lathe6Taiwan、Deep hole drilling machine1Taiwan、Material cutting machine3Taiwan、Nc drilling machine4Taiwan、Radial drill3Taiwan、Tapping machine2Taiwan、Marking machine1Taiwan、Punching machine1Taiwan、Center hole grinding machine1Taiwan、Milling machine1Taiwan、Hardness tester2Taiwan、The sea, kang precision1.5umGrade three coordinate measuring machine1Taiwan,The Japanese sanfeng digital measuring tool、The mitutoyo surface roughness measuring machine and related equipment10More than one,More than 50 professional and technical personnel。On the software,Companies use to businessERPVisualization software management。Products from the research and development、Production、After-sales service has a scientific and rational management and strictly control the quality。

Adhering to the customer supreme principle,Every day we in the pursuit of quality of continuous progress and innovation,To provide customers with low cost、High quality products and perfect after-sales service。

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Jinjiang sharp mould co., LTD,Specialize in MachineryThe finished product to cut off the deviceElastic deviceHot welding deviceAround the waist stick assemblyZhou Feng rollerZhou Feng light rollerEmbossing roll And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:13905075992

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