In strict accordance with the companyGMPDemand management,And through a number of multinational companiesQAAndHSEReview
Green chem. is stricted in GMP certificated management,
and had passed the test of QA & HSE by many of the global corporation.
Coating of specialty chemicals

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Intermediate chemicals

Intermediate Chemicals

Functional chemicals

Functional Chemicals

Yancheng gray wormwood chemical co., LTD,Greg Yin people regard quality as the life
Yancheng Greying Chemical Co., Ltd.
High-tech enterprises with pharmaceutical intermediates and special fine chemicals as the main development direction

Yancheng gray wormwood chemical co., LTD is a paint specialty chemicals and other functional chemicals production as the main development direction of private high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province。

Company production base is located in the yellow sea, yancheng city, jiangsu province in Australia, the industrial park204Near the road,Covers an area of2Million square meters。Active pharmaceutical ingredients(GMP)Production workshop and multifunctional production workshop。Have from50~5000LThe reaction kettle in total40余台。Related supporting facilities is perfect,Can be performed-30~280℃Within the scope of most of the reactions。并且具有完To prepare的三废处理系统。The company has a good quality system。Has passed a number of multinational companiesQAAndEHSThe audit。From the production capacity,Quality to the word of mouth is the height of the partners。

The company has1600Square meters of research and development center,The synthetic laboratory800Square meters……More and more>>

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